Aircon Services

May 3, 2021

Do you know how often your car's aircon should be service? Or even if it needs to be serviced?

Subaru Johannesburg

Aircon Servicing – Is it necessary?

The simple answer is yes. Like the rest of the vehicle having the aircon serviced is important in order to ensure not only that it is running at optimal condition but also to prevent unnecessary expenses down the line.

How often should it be serviced?

Ideally it should be serviced every 2 years to ensure that it is working optimally and to check for any problems. You may choose to have it serviced annually if you desire.

Regular servicing helps to keep the unit running at optimal capacity. Annually the aircon unit will lose up to 5% of overall efficiency. With regular servicing issues such as leaks or malfunctions will be picked up sooner. This in turn will mean that they can be rectified before more damage is caused, leading to more expensive repairs. An additional benefit is that it will get rid of any airborne contaminants such as pollen, dust and mould.

Signs to know that the aircon needs to be service:

  • If you are unsure of when the last service was
  • Smells – If there is a musty or damp smell when you use the aircon. This could be an indication of bacteria in the unit which could cause the aircon to operate less effectively.
  • Noise – If there is a buzzing, pinging or any abnormal noise occurring when the aircon is in use.  
  • Blowing hot air even when it is set to low temperatures.

The GOOD News

The good news is that Subaru Johannesburg now offers air con servicing in house within our Service department. You can have the service done when you bring your car in for a service or simply have the aircon serviced.

To launch this additional service, we are offering an air con service and treatment all for only R 750 (including VAT).  

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion will run until 31 August 2021.
  • It is available on all models.
  • Booking is essential.
  • Mention this promotion when booking.
  • Aircon services are not cover by the maintenance and warranty plans.

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