Armchair Adventures

April 17, 2020

Cabin fever getting to you? Here are a few ideas to beat the boredom

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Armchair Adventures

You might feel a bit of cabin fever right now due to the lockdown but there are ways to continue the Adventure. There are some really great virtual tours that you can do from the safety of your home and you can even share them with the kids.

Game Drive anyone?

Looking out for wildlife

You can now take a virtual game drive through Djumi Private Game Reserve in The Sabi Sands and Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve. They have sun rise and sun set tours. You are able to interact with the game ranger too. They use a variety of methods for the game drive including safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones and remote cameras to get a better view of the wild life. Check them out on Wild Earth

Art more your thing.

More interested in touring a gallery then you are also in luck. Some of the most famous galleries around the world have put together virtual tours. The nice thing about this is that you can skip all the lines and always have the perfect view of the art that you are interested in. Below are some of the most popular tours:

There are many more museums that you can check out.

Entertaining the kids

Running out of ideas to keeping your little ones entertained then have a look at the Toy R Us website. They have free activities and videos for you to download. From making your own crayon slime to join the dot pages, there is sure to be something to help keep the boredom at bay.

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