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April 21, 2020

Maintenance of your vehicle is important. Here are 5 tips to see your vehicle through this lockdown.

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5 Tips to see your car through lockdown.

Lockdown will have an effect on everything. Your vehicle is no different. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when it comes to the health of your care:


1.     Prevent a dead battery

Letting your car stand for any period of time and you run the chance of having a dead battery when you next get into it. Avoid this by starting your car up at least once a week. It is better if you are able to drive it, like to the shops and back but if you aren’t able to start the vehicle up and letting it idle is better than nothing.

Start up your car to prevent a dead battery

2.     Lubricating the moving parts

Standing still will also affect the engine.The oil will settle in the engine, seals will dry out and there may even be a separation of the fluids. The best way to prevent this is actually drive the vehicle. Starting it up and letting it idle will help but driving is better.

Check the oil level before starting your vehicle

3.     Stop flat spots

Over time the tyres on your vehicle loose pressure. If a car is left standing the weight of the car can cause a flat spot on your tyres. This may lead to you having to change one or more tyres. The easiest way to help to stop this is to drive the vehicle. This will also ensure that when you park your car it will be resting on a different spot on the tyre.

4.     Full tank

This is helpful in many ways. One - when we do get to go back to work you won’t need to stop off at the petrol station on the way. Another good reason is that it prevents condensation in the tank and will help stop the fumes from building up to hazardous levels.

Fill up the tank

5.     Keep it covered

If your vehicle is not in a garage then consider getting a cover for it. This will protect it from the elements. Remember to use a cover on a clean car, if not you could land up with some nasty scratches.

When lockdown is over it is advisable to get your vehicle inspected so that tyre pressures, oil and fluid levels and battery life can be checked.

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