Fresh Faced Forester

January 3, 2022

The face lift of the Forester is now available in SA.

Nteo Nkoli - Subaru Southern Africa

Subaru Southern Africa’s most popular SUV, the Subaru Forester has received a mid-life update, further heightening its appeal. The MY2022 Forester will be the product to inaugurate Subaru Southern Africa’s 30th year in South Africa, available in local dealers from January 2022.

The 2022 Subaru Forester will be offered in four derivatives  including the 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre variants in their respective Sport and  Premium trims and specifications.

Forester Premium and Sport

Design Changes

The biggest exterior design changes have taken place at the  front of the vehicle. A larger, hexagonal grille takes centre stage with a  reduced headlight design. The result is a more dynamic and sturdier stance.  The grille and front bumper now incorporate more use of black elements around  the redesigned headlight and foglamp clusters. The reworked headlights now  include an array of LED bulbs for improved driver vision as part of the  Forester Adaptive Headlamps and High Beam Assist features. On the Forester  Sport, the fog lamps are six-bulb LED units within a black housing where the  Premium Forester’s fog lamp housing includes three chromed horizontal pieces  for a more urban finish. Further along the flanks of the Forester, the mirror  caps, A and B-pillar covers as well as the rear spoiler and tailgate finishes  have all been enhanced. On the Forester Sport, the mirror caps and rear are  finished in a geometric textured material, where the Premium Forester is  finished in chromed mirror covers and a high gloss black cover.

Facelift Forester 2022

The new Forester sits on redesigned 17-inch alloy wheels on  the base model or 18-inch alloy wheels on the high spec models. The new  18-inch wheel design on the Premium Forester is a new five-spoke, dual-tone  design for a purposeful and yet elegant stance. This is in contrast to the  all-black multi-spoke wheels on the more adventurous Forester Sport.

Forester Premium Mags

For the MY2022 Forester, a new Cascade Green Silica colour has  been added in place of the Jasper Green Metallic. This new colour joins the  rest of the colour palette of: Crimson Red Pearl; Crystal Black Silica;  Crystal White Pearl; Horizon Blue Pearl; Ice Silver Metallic; Magnetite Grey  Metallic; Sepia Bronze Metallic for the Premium derivatives.

For the Forester Sport, the colours remain unchanged as:  Magnetite Grey Metallic; Ice Silver Metallic; Dark Blue Pearl; Crystal Black  Silica and Crystal White Pearl.

On the Subaru Forester Sport, the use of the orange and black  theme has been tweaked, removing the orange splashes on the air vent  surrounds yet maintaining the colour on the stitching and contrasting this  with the exclusive Sport’s dark grey colour scheme and water repellent seats.  

Better Ride. Better Dynamics.

The powertrains remain unchanged on all derivatives of the new  Forester, but the front suspension has been tweaked to improve steering  responsiveness, ride quality and handling by reworking the coil springs and  dampers. To further improve the NVH levels, the Forester also receives new  aluminium engine mount brackets.

X-Mode, Subaru’s smart all-terrain programme has also been  updated with improved Hill Descent Control speed management. To enhance  driver control, the revised system allows for manual acceleration on descent,  with the system re-engaging Hill descent Control when the driver stops  accelerating. The revised X-Mode programme also has the ability to re-engage  at speeds of 35 km/h or below, after the system has dis-engaged beyond that  speed. This tweak allows for less intervention by the driver to continually  re-engage the system if the all-terrain environment requires it. It’s a  convenient addition to the Subaru’s impressive off-road repertoire. X-Mode is  available on all Subaru Forester models.

EyeSight Version 4.0

A more advanced version of EyeSight Driver Assist Technology  is introduced to the MY2022 Subaru Forester. The new system delivers  all-round improvement for use under a wider array of conditions and environments.  There is a new dual camera system with a much wider field of view, almost  double what it was. Together with improved software, the system is faster and  more intuitive, working to deploy the myriad EyeSight safety functions such  as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Pre-Collision Braking, Lane Departure  and Sway Warning with even better precision. The system now works with better  efficiency at intersections, where accidents frequently occur.

Subaru EyeSight 4.0

Also offered with EyeSight 4.0 are three new technologies that  employ active steering inputs:

  • Active Lane Centering works within the Adaptive Cruise Control function to ensures the vehicle remains in the centre of the lane. This reduces driver fatigue. When the system is active, the driver’s Multi-Function Display as well as the Information  Display screen show the Active Tracking graphics, depicting the system at work.
  • Lane Departure Prevention assists in keeping the vehicle within the correct lane by actively steering back into the correct lane.
  • Autonomous Emergency Steering works as an accident prevention function and can steer the vehicle to avoid an accident, be it a pedestrian, another vehicle or a cyclist. Autonomous Emergency Steering sometimes works in conjunction with the Emergency  braking function but can also work when the system deems emergency braking is not adequate to reduce the severity of a collision.

ES or EyeSight-equipped Forester’s also include Blind Spot Detection technology with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert as  standard features. Reverse Automatic Braking is also included on  EyeSight-equipped models, a system which uses sensors to detect objects and  can automatically stop the vehicle if the driver does not take evasive action  in time while reversing.

ES-spec Foresters remain the safest vehicles in their class  with the highest 5-star safety ratings across all global safety ratings  agencies. EyeSight contributes significantly to Forester safety, but even  base-spec Subaru Foresters are loaded with ground-up safety technology and engineering  that still keeps them in the 5-star safety rating standard.

Active Lane Centering

Stronger on Versatility

The Subaru Forester’s versatility is its forte and to add to  that, the roof rails on the MY2022 Forester have also been strengthened and  redesigned to allow for a higher load capacity and to ensure the safe use of  roof-top tents for instance. Additional tie-down locations have also been  integrated into the rails as have two additional utility hooks been added to  the roof of the rear cargo area.

Boxer Engines and Symmetrical  All-Wheel Drive come standard

The entire 2022 Subaru Forester line-up is driven by Subaru’s  signature Boxer engines and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system for safe and  engaging dynamics as well as maximum traction and control.

2022 Model Line-Up and Pricing

Nteo Nkoli, Marketing Manager at Subaru Southern Africa says,  “The new Forester, like the Foresters that have come before it, continues to  be the most popular seller in our range of cars. These updates will certainly  find more appeal with our customers because they show our innovation, our  versatility and our focus on safety – the very things that our customers love  about our cars and brand.”

The new Subaru Forester is the all-season, all-weather SUV.  Local introduction of the new Forester is scheduled for January 2022.

The new Subaru Forester is sold with a 3yr/75 000km full  Maintenance Plan as well as 5yr/150 000km Warranty. These are extendable,  with various plans available to Subaru customers.

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