Holiday Check

December 1, 2020

Get Peace of Mind this holiday season by getting a FREE check for your Subaru.

Subaru Johannesburg

The holiday season is here and your to do list may be full already, but have you added a holiday check for your car to the list? Even if you aren’t going away this year getting a check up on your car is a good idea.

Is getting a holiday check for your Subaru on the list?


Why should I do the holiday check-up?

Well for one it is FREE at Subaru Johannesburg.

Here are some other reasons for you to consider doing this:

·       Ensure the roadworthiness and over all safety of your vehicle.

·       To see if there are any repairs that might need to be done. It might be that the repair can wait until a later stage or it might be something that is more urgent,

        but knowing about it is always better.

·       Even if your car has already been serviced this year, getting it checked out before you do a long trip is advisable.

·       Gives you the Confidence to tackle Adventure knowing that your Subaru is in excellent working condition.

What is covered in the FREE holiday check?

Your vehicle will be checked by a factory trained technician, ensuring that your Subaru is in top condition. They will specifically check the following:

·       Tyres

·       Brakes

·       Lights

·       Fluid Levels

·       Wiper Blades

·       Overall inspection of the vehicle.

Any repairs will first be quoted on.

Terms and Conditions

·       The vehicle will need to be booked in

·       The Holiday Check must be mentioned when booking the vehicle in.

·       This promotion is valid until the end of December 2020.

·       Any repairs will be quoted on first.

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