Sixth year of Bass Lake

February 15, 2021

Our customer days have been going for six years!! Giving Confidence in Motion new meaning.

Subaru Johannesburg

We are well and truly into 2021 and we are also into our sixth year of doing customer days at Bass Lake. It initially started as a way to show customers how much they can actually do with their cars, and that the definition of a soft off roader had changed considerably.


Forester tackling an obstacle

Soft off roader?

A soft off roader is the term given to a vehicle, usually an SUV and more recently a CUV, that could go off road but not to the same places as the hardcore off roaders such as the Land Cruiser for example. It used to be that a soft off roader would be capable of doing dirt roads and not much more because while they had the ground clearance needed they couldn't tackle more difficult terrain. Things have changed dramatically over the years.


Confidence in Motion

While our customer days started out as a way to show customer what their Subaru’s could actually do, it quickly developed into something else. It became about introducing our customers to the Subaru JHB family, giving them the confidence in their newly developed skills as well as ability to see just where it was possible to go in their Subaru.

These days are never about proving one car as better than another but rather to show off what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. It is about showing how much further anyone could go in a Subaru “soft off roader”.


Be ready for Adventure

There are many things that Alan Pepper, our host and guide at Bass Lake has taught both our customers and staff. Here are some of the top tips learnt:

·       Go at walking pace – When you are off road travelling, then walking pace is the best. The reason for this is even if you know the track very well, things like extreme weather, other vehicles/trucks and other factors could         have changed it. Going at walking pace over difficult terrain means that you have time to correct or stop without damaging your vehicle.

·       Be prepared to reverse – If you are tackling an obstacle in front of you always have in the back of your mind that if you go forward and get stuck, the only way out might be to go back the way you came.

·      Guides are the responsible ones – When you have a guide that is helping you through an obstacle, listen. Standing outside the vehicle they are able to see far more then you will from the driver’s seat. For example, the        placement of tyres, whether there is a rock that could damage the car etc. This also means that they are fully responsible for what happens to the car. 😊

·      Walk the obstacle if you can – If you are tackling some off roading tracks, whether for fun or to get to a destination, get out your car and walk it. This is just for the obstacles like wash aways, gullies etc. This will allow        you to see things that might hinder your progress. Use a guide if you can.

·       Things to have – If you are planning to do a lot of off roading there are a few things that are recommend to have in the car:

         o  A pair of leather gloves – If you need to move a branch or debris from the track the gloves will protect your hands from thorns, scorpions and such.

         o  Fire extinguisher – You have many different ones to choose from and even one that is the size of a broom stick handle. Not need to have the big cylinder if you have no space for it.

         o  First aid kit

         o  Tyre gauge – When travelling in soft sand for a prolonged period you might need deflate your tyres. The gauge will give you an accurate reading.

         o  Compressor– To reinflate your tyres when you head onto normal tar roads with no petrol station close by.

We would like to thank all our customers that have joined us on these customer days, and we look forward to having some more throughout this coming year. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when our next event will be held.


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