We are going PINK

September 15, 2021

Normally we are all blue and white but we are going all pink. Find out why.

Subaru Johannesburg

Subaru Johannesburg is going PINK!

You read that correctly. Subaru JHB is transforming from the usual blue and white to pink. The reason for this is to show our commitment to a very worthy cause, the PinkDrive. For September, October and November, our dealership will be running a Pink Drive campaign.

PinkDrive Banner on our fence

What is the Pink Drive campaign?

Subaru Johannesburg will be donating R 2000 for every Subaru that we sell. Now is the perfect time to buy a Subaru and help out at the same time.

The PinkDrive - what do they do?

The PinkDrive is all about "Early detection will prolong a life." It was started up in 2009 by Noelene Kotschan. Ms. Kotschan saw a need to provide not only education but also screening in communities across South Africa. She converted a truck into a mobile screening unit, and the PinkDrive has grown from there.

The mobile units started at first to educate and screen for breast cancer. Seeing a need in the communities, they included education and screening for cervical cancers. The MBTM (More Balls Than Most) initiative started, allowing the mobile units to screen for prostate cancer. This initiative opened up a whole new avenue. They were now able to educate on cancers related to men, namely prostate and testicular cancers. Allowing the PinkDrive to advise and help both men and women across South Africa.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, they saw a chance to evolve even more. They now offer screening, testing and, vaccination sites using their mobile units.

The PinkDrive is an NGO (Non-Government Organisation), meaning that they operate independently from the government. They are responsible for their funding, which they get from donations. The PinkDrive rely on donations from business and private individuals to keep these mobile units going.

You can read more about what they do by visiting their website: www.pinkdrive.co.za

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